Today's development decisions are being strongly impacted by changing values, economy, new technology, time and environment. With this in mind, we at Palmer Architecture, L.L.C., focus on creating spaces that are dynamic and adaptable to our clients and their changing needs, paying close attention to design, detailing and costs.

We believe that every project has something special for the user and is a unique contribution to the built environment.

We are committed to creating client-focused, quality architecture that withstands the test of time.

“Our expertise extends to designing houses, conserving and remodeling old and historic buildings, understanding the impact of a development on a local community, and can advise on the use and maintenance of an existing building. We work closely with other members of the construction industry including engineers, builders, surveyors, local-authority planners and building control officers for all our projects. Much of our time is also spent visiting our sites, assessing the feasibility of a project, and inspecting building work. We specialize in new homes, additions and remodels, multi-family housing, office buildings, community planning and zoning projects, retail and commercial centers, restaurant interiors, and other tenant finishes.”


Our philosophy is centered first and foremost on "Meeting Clients' Needs" and "developing a product and process which is most conducive to the conditions and context of the project." We enjoy our profession and it reflects in every design and detail we produce.

We look beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible buildings that will adapt with the changing needs of your home or business. We can save you money by maximizing your investment.

As someone has said before, "A well-designed building can reduce your bills now and increase its long-term value."

We create total environments, interior and exterior, which are pleasing and functional for the people who live, work and do business within them. Society looks to architects to define new ways of living and working, to develop innovative ways of using existing buildings and creating new ones.

We spend a lot of time researching old records and drawings and testing new ideas and construction techniques because we believe that Architects are at the forefront of designing the built environment that will surround us in the 21st Century.


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